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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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Art junkies and bug brains


I have been locked in combat for the last several days with a strange sickness that I am finally conquering. Noone has ever taken care of me when I was sick. I have known few nurturing people in my time. But then again, nurturing is overrated. In my company I value independence over nurturing, and talent over kindness. How about you?

Today I finally have energy and am starting to excercise again. The looming shadow of middle age threatens to smother me and my metabolism is finally slowing down, so now I have to excercise or I get pregnant man belly. I am finding it much harder to excercise now that I an adult and there are no police chasing me.

Fire Mass magazine contacted me about possibly being in their new issue, which also may include comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz. It would help my resume, having work published with him along with the previous issue with Clive Barker and Chet Zarr may give me enough clout to score my own show at the gallery here. If I can get inspired enough this will be a big year for art. So I am visiting museaums, looking at art online, and making messes with paint now to lay the groundwork for a wave of visual work. Wish me luck.

In other news I saw Mr Thin the other day. I had not noticed before but his pain-killer addiction is making him look bad. His face is broken out and pinched, he looks worse than the times he was doing a lot of herion. Not a lot I can do right now though, I will be there for him when he wants help.

Storms are marching in here and the air grows colder. All the insects try to get inside buildings in this part of the world. Crickets invaded our hallway with insect machines of war. Mosquitos cling to the ceiling wondering who the fuck turned off the heat. Fleas cling to furry things like mice and eyebrows. The music of the sewer people below travels through our waterpipes and all of us dance. May your days be infested with joy.

previous entry: weight

next entry: The Education of the Monkey King


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Good to hear you're feeling better. Good luck on the magazine. [The Venerable Pooh] [reply]

I value independence.. and haven't been nurtured since I lived at my moms house... Well, not like my mother did anyway. I forget what it feels like until someone gives me a small taste of it, then I kind of miss it for a bit.. until I go back into a routine of taking care of myself. One time I was so sick, I rolled out of bed and drove down the street to the gas station to get myself a gatorade. When feeling that bad is the time I wish I had someone to do it for me.

I saw someone tonight at Wal-mart who looked like you. I watched him for awhile while thinking of you.. wondering who you are in person.

Hope you're doing better <3 [Evidence Of Joy] [reply]