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Always Piney's Diary
by Always Piney

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Winter is coming


Winter was always my favourite season, I dislike summer because of the heat where I live it's very humid in summer dry heat is okay but I cannot deal with humidity.
When I got sick it got worse in summer I couldn't go outside I was weak O wanted to sleep.
I found walking in the heat hard.
But I still loved winter.
The cold is nice I feel energetic the only problem is in winter there are a lot of illnesses going round.
I have a low immune system and I get sick all the time usually every two weeks or so in winter.
I get stuck in bed with colds and flus and sometimes my asthma.
But I love winter because I can go outside I can walk and it makes me happy.

Winter does not come without a toll though and neither does summer.
Summer means low energy trouble breathing and possible asthma on humid days not to mention sleeping three days a week.
Winter means asthma when I am I'll or cold but I can walk more and I am more lively I may get more sick in winter but it is still my favourite.
I feel awake and alive.

So I am excited that winter is coming.
I have recently been having bad stomach pains, Jay wants me to go to the doctor but I see no point every time I go they say nothing is wrong. So I will wait and see.

previous entry: New adventures

next entry: Breath

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Your title caught my attention because its spring here, we are just getting out of winter! I use to love summer but I'm not a huge fan anymore, its way too hot and way too humid. :/

I hope your stomach pains get better!

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