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Always Piney's Diary
by Always Piney

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Today's plan.


Today is pay day, it also the day I go back to my proper diet.
No gluten no lactose!
I'm not allergic just intolerant it makes me feel yucky and gives me pains etc.
Today I am going to see Momo for those who don't know she is my best friend <3.

On the sixth of march it's my friends baby shower she was only like 2months at my 18th wow times go fast!
I was going to see Tobi tomorrow but had to cancel.
I will reschedule hehe I might see Morgan this weekend that would be nice I miss him!
Tomorrow I have to go out to Caboolture and on Friday I have a job search meeting to see if I am well enough to work.

I bought a new laptop because mine broke, it should be here next week.
Then my mother can have her iPad back.
I really hate taking my vitamins -sighs- and it doesn't help that I don't drink enough water.
Hmmm Steve bought mum gerbras they are so pretty!

previous entry: Ask me questions..

next entry: Well here's the news.

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Those are beautiful flowers.

I hope you get to see your friends, and I hope you get news that are you able to go back to work. I'm rooting for you!

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