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Always Piney's Diary
by Always Piney

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Re writing my life


I have decided I need to write my life in a positive way I see everything in a dull way so I am going to tell you "My life story" this is not how I would normally tell it. But I am trying to see everything in a different light.
On September the 29th many years ago a baby girl was born.
That baby girl had two parent a mum and a dad they were both ambulance officers.
They had waited a long time for this baby girl and were very happy when she finally came to them.
She had three half sisters and two half brothers but she was just like their sister to them.
This baby grew up in a lovely queenslander with two of her sisters and her mum and dad.
SHe went to family day care almost everyday while her parents worked hard to feed the family.
But as this baby grew everyone knew she was unique she learnt things differently, had different and sometimes difficult ways of doing almost everything.
But that was ok, mum and dad refused to listen to people calling their child bad and naughty.
She was special, they fought to get her help they did what ever was in their power to help her.

Years went by she would learn to walk and talk and do things on her own.
SOmetimes this was hard because she refused to listen when you tried to help.
After she turned nine mum was reading a book about Autism and it sounded so much like her daughter.
So she took her to the G.P.
Eventually the child was diagnosed.

As she got older she learnt more and got more difficult in some ways she now wouldn't listen to her mum at all only her dad but when she was twelve her dad died.
Her mum and her didn't get along to well.
The daughter didnt know how to communicate with her mum without yelling but she did care.
SHe gave up trying. Then she got older and moved out.
Slowly they started to get along again.

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