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Always Piney's Diary
by Always Piney

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I don't want to be in the kitchen


What a day and it's not over yet.
So I got summoned for jury duty, got there 20 minutes early like a good girl.
It was past when we got called into court another twenty minutes before empanelling, my number wasn't called so I didn't get lunch and I didn't get paid.
Maybe that sounds low.
Yeah I had no plans, no I wasn't working.
But I was sick I am poor and I was hungry.

That was my first jury experience and now I know why people say it's a waste of time.
I could of gotten excused but I knew it was my right and a duty and I should look up to it so there I sat the youngest in the room of mainly grey haired people.
I had two coffee's one tea and lots of buiscuts.
I was starving.
Stilll haven't eaten even though I am home.

I have two cold sores and am still getting stomach pains every afternoon and nausea if I eat or drink it goes away if that doesn't work sex does.

previous entry: Just a survey

next entry: and it's a survey

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