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*Post Secrets*'s Diary
by *Post Secrets*

previous entry: 66 - im helping..

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67 - failing



If you have a past secret you want to share, please mark down a quote for me to share, or a picture you have found for me to share. If you have a secret I will NOT have your name up there UNLESS you sign (example) "i wish....(your name)" (please privatize your comment if you do not wish for the world to see it)

previous entry: 66 - im helping..

next entry: sorry

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I sooooo know how that is. The good thing is you can always go back to school. I know... I fucked up college my first time around. But I am back in school now. heh

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I hope this doesn't become me.

[Lady Erienne|0 likes] [|reply]

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