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by RealLifeComics

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So I've been MIA past few weeks, while I've got the story all in my head, I had a lot of trouble lately trying to picture and draw the story in my head.
After much waiting, I brain spewed these last night.

1. Big fan of drawing up weapons, this lance has a concealed blade that pops up when the user sets off the trigger. It has the Cross on top because it's used by Priests...

2. I had the idea for these guys a long time ago, but I was inspired on the weekend after watching Angels and Demons. I won't give too much of their story away, but yes, they are Religious Battle Brothers, awesome. Kinda like a mix of Shaolin Monks but these guys only train for a specific reason and are regular Catholic Priests.

3. My idea was to have a huge clan of these battle Brothers (will choose another name for them later), though I think I will only have four with the main Priest. These four are like his students, who will keep the doctrine alive after the Main Priest has passed on. The group of course will have lots of lower fighters, but these four are better trained in "Kick Ass". Wether they'll have powers or not, I have not yet decided.

4. The Main Priest. This character I've been drawing since I was in high school. Back then he was Abdulah Kadulah and his 101 Donkeys, Master of Donk-Fu. Lol.
Might keep the name Abdulah, and keep his martial arts Donkey free. This guy will definately have a power. Light, he can make a bright blinding light from the palm of his hand. Uses it like a torch or like a blinding flash grenade, leaving people stunned and blind for a small period of time.

5. Skid - In the story so far, Ash was helped by a hacker to get through R.E.D's mainframe. Skid is the teen that helped him. In fact, Skid is the only member of the organisation Ash has met. Thing is though, Skid thinks the same about Ash!


Alisons apartment turns out to be a safe house for people with powers. All of them were naturally drawn to the house and most felt a calling to go there.

6. Tola - Is based on my grandmothers mixed together, shes short and chubby like my dads mum and is Samba like my mums mother. Though I think I will base her personality more on my mums mother, who is like a gypsie. She is mother to Moses, Tola (my grandmothers name) has a minor power. She can feel peoples moods, and can remedy them with her food. Her food physically inspires and replenishes endurance, strength and even powers. They also have a small healing power, but only for minor things like sore muscles and bones.

7. Fox - A hippie, who travelled the country because he saw a light in the sky pointing right at the building. A recovering drug user, Fox has the power control the growth of any plant. While he still loves a good joint everynow and then, his heavy drug problem is a thing of the past. Now he has a job as a gardener and plays his guitar in a small band as a hobby.

8. Moses - Keeping in comic tradition, Moses is the BIG guy of the group. Apart from the obvious power of Strength, Moses also has a minor power of Seer. He can tell the whole history of an object, where it came from, all the owners and all the things an object has 'seen'. He is a Garbage collector. A gentle giant, who decided to take care of his mum after R.E.D agents killed his father. After looking for a place to stay, Moses and his mothers car broke down right in front of the East Village Apartment.

9. Adam - An accountant who one day just decided to leave the country from England with his daugher Becky after his wives death. The Taxi man who picked them up from the airport just happened to be Stan, another East Village resident. Both felt a connection straight away, and Stan brought them to the apartment where they are now living in, Stan and Adam are best friends. Adam is also Alisons boyfriend.
Adam is a good leader and usually takes care of matters to do with the building.
He has no powers that show, but he does pick up on others with powers and feels right at home at East Village.

10. Becky - Adams daughter. Her power is a minor one, she has a beautiful voice, that inspires people depending on the mood of the song. A happy song will make people happy, an up beat song will make everyone want to party, a sad song will have the toughest men crying for their mothers.

11. Lil Jimmy - Is another character that I've had for ever. Originally he was a bounty hunter in an under ground world of gangs. The character always suffered from schitzophrenia, his two pistols talked to him. The schitzophrenia was a mix of psychotic behavior and psychic abilities. The voices (the guns) in his head told him what was about to happen, what people were thinking and they told him to kill people, which caused a lot of problems. Eventually they got worse and his mental problem had him believe that he was in fact a comic book character. In this comic Lil Jimmy will have the same problem, except he wont be a gun wielding maniac. Just a teenage boy with schitzophrenia and minor psychic abilities. Even though he has problems, he is the buildings baby sitter, hes all the little kids big brother. He is pretty harmless and  really shy.

12. Stan - Taxi driver! him and his wife Lydia both live in the building with their three children. The twins, Jack and Mike, and their 13 month baby Leeroy.
Stans power is Tough, he is not strong like Moses, but he could most definately take a punch in the throat from him... Moses can punch out concrete walls. He has a bit of redneck in him. Loves his country, his beer kids and his wife.

13. The Twins, Jack and Mike - I've always had this idea of having twins with a shared power, I am not sure what it is yet, but these too are outgoing brave little buggers. Jack has a short temper, Mike is stubborn.


There are more people in the building, but these are the main ones I'll be focusing on in the comic. Will have next page up soon. 




previous entry: DAYZ OF FATE - part 55

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aww i love the twins and becky! they're so cute and awesome!

[Ice Vampire|0 likes] [|reply]

I think Im going to like Tola, Fox and Lil Jimmy the most

[ZGirl22|0 likes] [|reply]

ryc: Why yes, yes I am. lol

[Brent Alejandro|0 likes] [|reply]

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