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OKSoNowImAngry's Diary
by OKSoNowImAngry

The circle is now complete


Few ground rules first:

  1. No names here. Handles, nicknames, and the like are fine. But no real-world meatspace names. Ever. 
  2. This is MY house. I'm setting it up so that I have a safe place to vent my spleen. This isn't likely to be particularly interesting to most, so I'll take no offense if you just keep on keepin' on.
  3. IF you feel like you simply MUST comment on something, don't be stupid. Don't be a dick. Don't be surprised if I don't engage. Don't be surprised if I ban you in a fit of pique.

Any more rules come up, I'll post 'em up front. Have the day you deserve.


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I am always giving people nicknames and handles at my diary... Then completely forgetting what nickname/handle I gave them next time I write about them. Good luck with it!

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