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Bwoop Die-uh-weeeee.
by Lizzy.

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I hate how I never think to write in my Bloop unless I'm having a bad day.
I love you all... I just wish I talked on here like I talk to my friends normally.
All joking around and whatnot.
This is a DIARY site, though...

So I miss Justyn... yeah. Despite him cheating on me, he was a GOOD boyfriend. I just want love. I'm such a girl. heh.

I think a picture entry is in order.

This is me.

This is Justyn.

The one on the right is Holly, and the one in the middle is her ex.
Who's schizophrenic. o_o
hahaha, the reason I saved it is because if you look at her long enough and just think "schizo" it's scary as fuck.

So how are you today?

previous entry: Soo I Pretty Much Love Bloop

next entry: This is too creepy.

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Holly's ex has "crazy eyes".
If you've seen that episode of How I Met Your Mother, you'll know what I mean. LOL. She totally looks PSYCHO!
You are, of course, too cute! And I want to see your eyes on your face, Lizzy....Lol. Not just your cute little mouth and nose and hot bod.

[earth ♥ angelStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I usually never think to write unless I'm having a bad day either. I try to make myself update at least once a week lol.

The girl in the middle is a bit scary looking..hah

[*I*Am*Me*Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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