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NOJOMO - November Journal Writing Month 2021
by NOJOMO 2021

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NOJOMO 12 Prompt

I thought I'd mix it up a little and instead of a prompt, how about a good, old fashioned survey instead? Remember these? What a throw back!

1. First Name:
2. Were you named after any anyone?
3. Do you wish on stars?
4. Which finger is your favourite?
5. When did you last cry?
6. Do you like your handwriting?
7. What is your favourite lunch meat?
8. Any bad habits?
9. What is your most embarrassing CD on the shelf?
10. If you were another person, would you be friends WITH you?
11. Are you a daredevil?
12. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?
13. Do looks matter?
14. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid?
15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
16. Do fish have feelings?
17. Are you trendy?
18. How do you release anger?
19. When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
21. What was your favourite toy as a child?
22. What class in school do you think is totally useless?
24. Have you ever been on radio or television?
25. Do u keep a journal?
26. What is your favorite movie?
27. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
28. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
29. What are your nicknames?
30. Would you bunjee?
31. Do you un-tie your shoes when you take them off?
32. What are you worried about right now?
33. Do you ever wear overalls?
34. Do you think that you are strong?
35. What's your favourite ice cream flavor?
36. Whats your favourite colour/s?
37. What is your least fav. thing in the world?
38. How many wisdom teeth do you have?
39. Are you in love with anyone?
40. How many people have a crush on you right now?
41. Who do you miss most right now?

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previous entry: NOJOMO DAY 11

next entry: NOJOMO DAY 13

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