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NOJOMO - November Journal Writing Month 2020
by NOJOMO 2020

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I am SO sorry, you guys! I sincerely thought I posted today's prompts last night but I just thought "Hey, I didn't write my entry for the day on my personal diary" then realized I never posted today's prompts! I feel like a louse!

So for those of you still waiting, here is the prompt for today (I am only posting 1 today):

Imagine you are your favorite actor, musician or athlete. Who are you? Write about what it would be like to be in the spotlight.


30 days - 3 months of BloopXtra Free
15 29 days - 1 month of BloopXtra Free

You have to be on the participation list to be eligible for prizes. However, you can still use the prompts even if you don't want to participate for a prize.

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previous entry: NOJOMO DAY 20

next entry: NOJOMO DAY 22

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