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NOJOMO - November Journal Writing Month 2020
by NOJOMO 2020

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NOJOMO DAY 15 - Half Way There!


Half Way There!

Wow, it's half way through November already! I'm keeping track of everyone's progress and we've collectively written 132 entries so far! Everyone is doing so well! Many are using the prompts and others are freestyling and it really doesn't matter because you guys have been motivated to write and that's great! How do you guys feel getting to the middle?


Prompt # 1

If you could go back in time and change anything, would you do it and what would you change?

Prompt # 2

What is your opinion on the paranormal? In general and specifically.


30 days - 3 months of BloopXtra Free
15 29 days - 1 month of BloopXtra Free

You have to be on the participation list to be eligible for prizes. However, you can still use the prompts even if you don't want to participate for a prize.

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previous entry: NOJOMO DAY 14

next entry: NOJOMO DAY 16

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