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NOJOMO - November Journal Writing Month 2021
by NOJOMO 2021


NOJOMO = November Journal Writing Month

From November 1 - November 30 - the goal is to write at least 1 entry per day.

NOJOMO has been a tradition at Bloop for 15 years. We encourage everyone to participate, even if you don't want to win a prize. If you would like to be in the running for the prize, you must sign up by October 31 here: Participant List

Anyone not on the participant list by October 31 will not be eligible for a prize. Participants who sign up will be eligible for these prizes:

- you write 1 entry every day (30 days): 3 months Bloop Xtra
- you write 1 entry every day for 15 - 29 days: 1 month Bloop Xtra
(for a list of what you get with Bloop Xtra, click here: Bloop Xtra)

The Prompts!

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classic layouts

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