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-Neurotically Yours's Diary
by -Neurotically Yours

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The Interview


Well, I had my interview at Modernistic this morning.  I thought it went...okay.  The manager seems like he could be kind of a dick, but he interviewed me third, and he's got four or five, maybe six more to do.  This afternoon/evening he's going to call four or so of us back for drug screening.  Apparently, on average, at least one person fails the drug screening, so they'll keep calling people back until they get a set that don't smoke anything.  Which means if he calls me back for screening, I've pretty much got the job.

And I really hope I do get it.  Apparently the job is all about working hard and making some cash.  In the summer he said it's not uncommon to work six, even seven days a week, sometimes as much as fourteen hours to the day.  At nine dollars an hour, that makes for thirteen dollars and fifty cents an hour for every hour of over-time.  And it's either pay at nine dollars an hour, or commission, whichever happens to be more.  Apparently it slows down in autumn, and in the winter there's very little to do, but the summer is kickass.  So that means I can still take fall classes like I want to.  Which would be totally badass.

Well, I find out the rest this afternoon/evening I guess, so keep your fingers crossed for me, I guess.  Thanks =]

previous entry: My new favorite insult ^__^

next entry: Well......

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