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-Neurotically Yours's Diary
by -Neurotically Yours

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The Eleventh Hour.


You've conducted yourself in the manner of a foolish child, America.  In a mere few weeks, you can wave a fond farewell to your democracy.  You will be trading it in for the very closest thing to subservience to the entirety of the globe and a thir rate knock off of communism.  You will be the founding block of a one world government.  America, you are on the brink.  And as foolish children, all follow one foolish child who tells you how good an idea jumping off the cliff will be and that it will be things will be just fine once you've reached the bottom.  You have weeks America.  Spend them well.

previous entry: I'm always awake.

next entry: You And Yours. Ridiculous.

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This entry is actually pretty funny in a couple of ways.

1. You're in Michigan. You're not outside the box. You're speaking as if you are.
2. The voting population have no voting opinion on which treaties get signed.
3. We're all going to be sovereign nations, despite how hard you tighten your tinfoil hat.

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That was a bit of a retarded thing. I guess if you don't believe years and years of studies proving global warming, you would think we're not responsible. I guess we'll all see in the next five years.

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Secondly, of course we have no say in what gets signed, as far as treaties go. But everyone can congratulate themselves on electing the president who signed America away to the rest of the world.

You don't seem to understand what a treaty is. A treaty is simply an agreement between two or more nations, which they all agree to. This is no more than an agreement between these nations to follow simple guidelines to better our climate.

What, are you upset that you won't be able to litter anymore? The government is taking away your freedom to throw shit all over the place, and pollute the air?

Why do you throw this shit around as "communism" as if a simple treaty is going to take away your rights as a citizen of the United States. This treaty does NOTHING to promote a one-world government, and I know people like you - looking for every excuse to call out the president as worse than the piece of shit we had in office before him simply because the guy you voted for didn't win.

News flash: Treaties don't promote one-world governments. It's an agreement, not a bill to personally take your right away for their own needs.

Lastly, I'm not a conspiracy theory person, as you seem to be implying. I merely have a great distaste for the idea of a one world goverment, which is essentially what's happening...

No, that's not what's happening by any stretch of the imagintion.

...especially one that more or less puts my country under the thumb of literally every other country on the planet.

It gives us the same amount of power over any other country who signs the treaty. Why do you think America is being targeted, and its citizens bullied? It's silly of you to think that way, especially over something as mundane as a Global Warming treaty.

world's most bullshit reason

I can ignore facts too.

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