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-Neurotically Yours's Diary
by -Neurotically Yours

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How To Demolish An Entire Civilization And Still Feel Good About Yourself In The Morning


Good day to ye, fellow bloopers.  The title of this entry has nothing at all to do with the entry itself, I just like Sufjan Stevens.  I've been listening to his stuff a lot lately.  Anyway, there's not really much special going on right now, othewise I would have updated sooner.  I'm still looking for a job, although I may be able to get one at the local game store.  I know a guy who happens to be friends with one of the managers, so if I'm fortunate, I'll have an honest to God job soon, even if it is only seasonal.  It's still a source of income, which would be handy. 

I actually had a job from my dad's boss the other kinda sucked, but it's still money he owes me now.  I had to drive from Lansing, Michigan all the way up to Grayling, which is just short of the Mac Bridge.  A matter of two and a half hours behind the wheel, one way.  Then I did actual work.  All told, I was on the clock from 8.30am until 8pm. 

Well, that's about it.  Like I said, not a lot going on.  Oh, Lindsay's jsut started some college classes to.  Forgot to mention that.  Hopefully with her getting out of the house more she'll be less easy to stress out.  When you're cooped up with one person all the time because all your friends are to far away to be accessible, it can probably get pretty nerve wracking.  But she seems happier now that she has her classes and some other stuff after school.  So i'm happy for her =]

Fair And Square - Peter Project

Frontier Psychiatry - The Avalanches

Fireflies - Owl City

The Avalanche - Sufjan Stevens

Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson

Champagne - Cavo

Carousel - Iron and Wine

100 in a 55 - Pop Evil

Thank You - Hellyeah

previous entry: Time To Pretend

next entry: We Can Plant A House, We Can Build A Tree

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Yeah, maybe she'll be more open to getting to know your friends better or something? Then we can all live in harmony. I'm glad you at least got that job with your dad's boss!

[kel-syStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Aww, yay, I'm happy for her!!
And you. I hope that works out. I think we all need a little extra good in our lives right about now. (I'm planning on winning the lotto...You in? )

By the way, that playlist is perfection.

[-kayStar|0 likes] [|reply]

That's great about Lindsay taking classes. Does she not work? (Side note: I always forget if it's Lindsay or Lindsey so I have to recheck your entry. I'm not sure why I can't remember.)

And I hope you get the job at the game store. Good luck!

[xo heatherStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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