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-Neurotically Yours's Diary
by -Neurotically Yours

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Causin Much Destruction


Sunday morning, June 28,  9.25am.

Well.  I have 6 days left.  6 days to get all my things in boxes (which I haven't got) and get out of the house.  Fortunately, I have at least one, maybe two venues of payment for, at the least, a short while.  Starting on Monday and ending on Wednesday or Thursday I will be doing some work for my dad's boss Dave.  There are several houses he needs gutted and I'm starting on the first of them tomorrow.  Since I'll be working largely by myself, I'll have to keep myself on track (which is difficult for me) and do the work with little or no help, depending on the time of day.  This isn't really the fun version of gutting a house either.  I have to leave all the walls intact.  But it's about 40 hours of work that's getting paid in straight cash, so I really can't complain.  And as I'll be working by myself, there's always a radio I can take to keep myself from getting bored to death.

I was in Grand Rapids for Friday night/Saturday morning, but the guy that gave me a ride had to go home the next day, which was unforseen.  We thought we'd be out all weekend.  So, while I did see Lindsay, I didn't get to go to Jafax with her, which was disappointing.  It's been a couple years since I've been to a con.  There were some difficulties besides that (not with Lindsay) and it's been, overall, a very dissatisfying weekend.  Especially given that I had nothing to do but sleep all day and night Saturday.  That's how cool life is right now. 

The only redemption is my impending income and I think I'm on schedule as hanging out with Sarah this afternoon, which hasn't happened in a million years.  Well, I'm out.

Adventures In Failure - MC 900 Ft. Jesus

Sound of Madness - Shinedown

Resurrection Fern - Iron and Wine

Systematic Chaos - Dream Theatre

Death Magnetic - Metallica

Walking On Air - Kerli

Christian's Inferno - Green Day

Sugar - System of a Down

Walken - Wilco

Mariner's Revenge Song - The Decemberists

Letterbomb - Green Day

previous entry: In My Own Peculiar Way I Feel Mercurial

next entry: We Are Kings Among Run-Aways

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Iron and Wine & the Decemberists FTW. Very good taste.

I'm sorry about the weekend. I hate when people/plans fall through. BUT YAY! MONEY SOOOON!

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