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Caffeine Addicted Nerd
by nerdy_bree

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Love Hate Relationship w/Fall


Seriously starting to hate this time of year. Even though I'm excited for the cool weather, wearing my chunky sweaters and hoodies again, making blankets, and just all around enjoying the Fall weather and smells; life has decided it wants to take a massive shit on me and my family this time of year. My Dad asked me to call him yesterday, which no problem there I love my Dad and we were talking about his season tickets for the Raiders so figured he didn't want to text. Nope. Turns out my Tia Elvira passed away yesterday morning, losing her fight to breast cancer. This is the fourth family member in four years to die during this time of year. My Abuelito and his siblings made up 13 kids for my great grandparents, they are now down to 9. My Abuelito's anniversary of his death is October 10th. Tio Mike, died just before my Abuelito, unfortunately I don't rember who else had passed because Husband's Papa was really sick and then passed away October 20th.

This absolutely sucks that to see all of Abuelito's side of the family now, it has to be a funeral. Tia Becky Tia Maria ...... let's just say I'm over the fucking switch up of acting like I'm not part of the family because I'm not of Dad's blood. Dad raised me as his own and refered to me as his daughter almost immediately after things with my Mom because serious. That's far more than Albie ever did and he's my biological father. Tia Becky's boyfriend from over 20 years ago dumped her and she went full bible thumper to the point that she even started disrespecting my Cousin Chris who is lesbian. Tia Becky was the cool Tia for a long time, was super accepting of Cousin Chris and her girlfriend.... until that breakup. I will never understand how someone will let a personal situation that has nothing to do with other people effect how they treat said other people. 

I'm just over it and would like a fucking break. My Dad says he's fine, but I could hear the hurt in his voice. I'm back in that "I don't know what the fuck to do" stage that I just got out of after Papa's death back in June because we finally had the service last month. I'm just fucking over it!

previous entry: Busy Busy Bree

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