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by Super Logica

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Our song is the slam of screen doors


It is sooooooooo dark and thundery outside. Srsly, you have to see it to believe it. The sky is like night. It's rained nearly all day.

I have done my assessments! YEY! And I have submitted them, so there is no way I can change things now! They are quite shoddy - probably the least studied essays I have ever done, but it does not matter! As long as I pass I don't care!

I'm watching 90210 to celebrate. Haha. It's not too cheerful. Drug abuse, cancer, affairs, blaaaaah. But I LOVE IT. I HAVE NO SHAME.

This evening, I have "Ghosts of girlfriends past", and my Mother and I are going to watch it. I've been doing studying pretty much every evening this week, so I have been quite un-fun to be around.

Tomorrow, I was intending to clean all the paving in preparation for summer (it's almost here, right? RIGHT?!) but if it's peeing it down I won't be. We've not even got Spring here yet. It's still cold, the blossom's not come and the trees are all bare. This is the longest winter I have ever had, and I am so over it now.

It's now raining heavily again and the cat is crying. She doesn't like rain and gets all clingy.

previous entry: A little bit of rage to spice up your life.

next entry: !!! PIC SPAM !!!

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It has been a long winter hasn't it? It is quite mild though. But I do not like the rain. I would be happy living in a country with no rain, only sun and snow.

[Acid FairyStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Everywhere looks so dull outside doesn't it? I'm fed up of winter now too, I want flowers in the garden!! Our patio needs a good clean too. It shall be done, during April now I expect.
The boys were begging to go out this morning, I told them it was raining and they still insisted. So I opened the door so they could see for themselves. They didn't like the rain, and have stayed in all day, which they didn't like and so they have been going bonkers all day.
Well done on doing your assessments!

[*just me*Star|0 likes] [|reply]

It's been lovely here!

Cleaning the paving stones? I'd probably rather it rain!

The closest Treacle gets to rain is if he gets over curious about the bathroom shower!

[~RedFraggle~Star|0 likes] [|reply]

no point cleaning it if its raining, for sure!.

[mrs mandy mooStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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