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by Super Logica

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I'm wearing my "let it snow" t-shirt. Ironically.


The Millie is getting a bit fed up with the snow.

I know it's all exciting and pretty, but it's making the roads so horrid because the government FAILS at everything. How hard is it to put a lorry on the roads with either a gritter or a plough to clear the routes? Heck, I could get a lorry and go out and do it myself now, and it would probably only take a couple of hours to do the town. Remind me why I pay taxes.

I can't build a snowman either, because the snow is soooo powdery and will not stick at all. It's really weird, I've never seen snow like this in Britain. It has the consistency of glitter, and the minute you step on it it goes really flat and slippery (it doesn't have the "crunch" or wetness normal snow does).

I guess I'll be spending all day inside today. I went outside earlier and messed about a bit with the cat, and I kind of want to go up to the fields, but I don't want to fall over on the snow so I guess I won't.

I have lots of things I could be doing though. A huge pile in fact. I'll probably ignore it all and read.

I went to Beaconfield yesterday and had my rescheduled appointment. The new person I saw is really nice so that's cool. I have a workbook to read through on anxiety and phobias before my next appointment (20th Jan).

Also, I had my annual review at work and I rock. Everybody loves me. Which is good, but in the review documents we have to fill out have sections for room to improve, things I could do better etc., so mine is only half-filled and HR think I'm not "committed to the review process". Um, whatevs. I'm awesome.

It has seriously taken photobucket 30 mins to get into gear and upload this photo.

previous entry: He sings blue suede shoes without an accent

next entry: You love me that way (2 photos)

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It is like glitter! Very pretty, but like you, I'm sick of not being able to drive anywhere, and the trains keep getting cancelled because of frozen points - we really just fall apart in this country! How do they manage in Canada and stuff? A couple of inches and we go to shit.

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Aww... pussy cat in the snow. Treacle met a little bit of snow when he went to the cattery (as their pens are outdoors) for Christmas. As an indoor cat he was fascinated. My old cat use to HATE the snow when we lived in Glasgow (moving to Cardiff was good for him).

I'm fed up of the snow now too. I've not seen green grass for 3 weeks. When will summer be here?

[~RedFraggle~Star|0 likes] [|reply]

i cannot imagine my cats would be up for snow!!

[mrs mandy mooStar|0 likes] [|reply]

i'm sick of the snow too

[Loving Ciaran|0 likes] [|reply]

Our snow is crunchy. It's awesome. Alas, you cannot make decent snowballs out of it, because it instantly falls apart. I love the snow because if the schools close, I don't have to go to work

[Acid FairyStar|0 likes] [|reply]

that sucks the government fails at snow. our government fails at bush fires.

[& skull.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

The snow around here comes in so many varieties that it rarely surprises me anymore. The powdery stuff you're talking about is probably my favorite kind. The cool thing is that you can just sweep it away and you don't have to break out the shovels. I love that kind of snow. And if you drag your feet =P you don't fall over lol

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previous entry: He sings blue suede shoes without an accent

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