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You never know what will happen...
by Kiki Mira

previous entry: May 18, 2009

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The Move... away....


So W. was really awesome about the whole death of my grandfather thing. I knew something was up with him but he had alot of respect to wait until everything settled down.

Thats exactly what he did, he waited. He came to the funeral with me and supportted my family and I.

So the following week, it was a wednesday night actually, we were on our way home from supper and he says "i need to tell you something"
I said "what"
*pause* "well im moving out on friday"
"what??" I replied "wtf is this about now?"
His response "ill give you money for rent for the next 2 months. I bought a house and I am leaving, ive made up my mind, im sorry"
All i said back is "you have got to be kidding right?"
His response "nope, I take ownership on friday I will be gone before you even get home from work"
I just stared at him.... I was speechless, 7 years together and he was leaving me...

He broke the silence, and explained it has been in the works for a while, a few months actually. All I did was sat there and looked out the window as tears streamed down my face... bastard.

As he kept talking about how we were dividing up the 'fids' and our stuff... The only thing I said to him was he could keep his rent money and shove it up his ass. We didnt talk again until friday and the conversion went like this "ok my stuff is out, i still have the keys and a set of keys to our car"
my response, "ok leave the keys in the car, all of them, or i am having all the locks switched, bye"
his response "well i still love you"
Me "uh huh thats obvious" *click*

And thats how i became single after 7 years in a wonderful relationship.


previous entry: May 18, 2009

next entry: After Math....

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