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You never know what will happen...
by Kiki Mira

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Starting the Debt management Program/Plan (DMP)


In the last year I have noticed as much as I hate say this, Money Talks, Money makes the world go round.

I sat down with a financial advisor last year and my 2 options were:

File for bankruptcy at the age 24
Or file for a DMP

Regardless of what I filed for my credit was screwed and so was I, at the age of 24 i have already completely black listed myself.

By the time I decided what to do. We totaled everything up I was looking at $16,000 of debt with a $28,000 a year job. Plus my other loans that were secure, car loan and personal loan. Which the final total was 22G.

I cried for about a month about it. My advisor told me "it wasnt THAT bad and she'd seen worse". We had been living well beyond our means, if I remember correctly she said we were over spending by about $3000 a month. Which came from the many paid loans we took out every other week.

I started the program at the lowest possible payments I think that was $150.00 a month.

Here was my break down:

ROYAL VISA 10.50% $5568.25
WELLS FARGO MDG 30.00% $1628.49
ROGERS WIRELESS 0.00% $460.82
HBC/COLLECT CANADA 0.00% $805.73
BOARDWALK 6.5% $2285.72
PAYDAY LOANS 28.5% $2354.39
PARENTS 0.00% 2800.00

Plus my car loan and personal loan.


previous entry: A year ago this month...

next entry: Learning to Budget

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my ex husband and i went through a bankruptcy. it was awful! absolutely devestating...and didnt help out our already deteiorating relationship one bit, hence the ex part. (our debt was more than 4 times theres a bright note )

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