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Miss.Krystle's Diary
by Miss.Krystle

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So sad that drugs are more important to you than your own child.

07/02/2011 comes another rant!

So Trystan's father, Doug, has recently decided to start selling marijuana. At first he was doing it to make some money to save his dogs life. I was okay with that. But now that his dog is alright, and healthy, Doug has continued to sell. This time using the excuse that he is making money to put toward groceries for himself as well as his dad and his 2 roomates. 

Ever since he got into selling marijuana, he spends ALL his time downtown doing it. He even spent Trystan's birthday downtown selling his weed, instead of spending time with Trystan. Which I had brought him over to Doug's place so he COULD spend time with him. It feels like it has literally taken over his life. Like that is the only important thing to him.

Anyway, I finally decided to put my foot down last night and tell him that as long as he continues selling, he will no longer be allowed to see Trystan. I have to cover my ass and protect my son. The last thing I need is for someone to catch wind that I knew about him doing it, and risk losing Trystan because of that. Well, as I expected, he completely flipped out on me. 

He started going on about how they need food, and I was like, "SO GET A JOB LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD." and he's all like, "Why get a job? So the government can garnish my wages?" Uhmmmm...the government will only garnish your wages because you owe for child support! 

Pathetic right? He won't even get a job so his son can have the money that is owed to him. Nice.

So, the argument pursued. I told him if they're that hard up for food, to go to a food bank. But noooo...Doug is too good for that. And yet, when we're struggling to get some food in my place, he tells ME to go to a food bank. Idiot.

Well after a lengthy argument, he hung up on me. Then he sent me THIS text message:

 Fuck it. Fuck you. I'll probably be convicted of this fucking rape shit anyway, so you can do whatever the fuck you want. Until I'm dead, I'm gonna do whatever the fuck it takes to live a decent life. If you really wanna hold Trystan over my head again, then take him, and get fucked. I'm done with you using him to set limitations in my life. The sky's the limit. That's where I'm headed.

So my response was this:

You really are stupider than I thought. If you think that it takes selling weed to have a decent life, you are fucked. Your MAIN concern should be supporting your son. And yet, you won't even go out to get a job so you CAN support him. Instead, you're worried that the government will take your money from you. Boo fucking hoo. I'm on welfare, and if I'm able to support myself and Trystan, you can't even tell me you're not able to support yourself. You are a pitiful excuse for a human being if you won't even man up and take responsibility for a life you helped to create.

Of course, he didn't respond. I'm actually really hurt that he'd choose drugs over his own son. So as a result of this, I will be filing as soon as possible for custody, and making sure that the only visitations he gets is under the courts discretion. I'm sick and tired of constantly trying to get him to be a responsible adult and be a proper parent to Trystan. He's turning 28 next week, and he is still acting like a child. I'm only 25 and I'm more mature than he is.

Very sad.

Anyway, I'm gonna go. I just wanted to rant a little about how stupid my sons father really is.

I'll update again soon.


previous entry: Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian bloopers!

next entry: Honest opinions?

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Wow. I am sorry that he is being such a dick. I don't understand why guys have to be so stupid. He shouldn't be choosing selling marijuana over his son, that is just insane and selfish! At least your son has a good mom like you to look out for him. His father should be trying to do right by you guys and it sounds like he's only out for himself.

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your defiantly in the right here. And ill say again, that dude is dumber then a box of animal crackersBuy my art at

[The Lazy Ninja!Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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