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Miss.Krystle's Diary
by Miss.Krystle

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Pretty sad how some girl is more important than your own son.



I am SO disgusted right now. Like, I'm PISSED. 

I had plans to go over to Doug's today, so he could see Trystan. HE knew this because I called him last night and asked him if it was okay. And he said yes. So I called him like 20 minutes ago to ask if it was cool for us to go over there now. And what does he tell me?

"I have to bring my "friend" home first...I'll be an hour or two, but you can still come. Ken is here."

Uh, I'm not coming there for Ken. I'm coming there so you can spend time with YOUR son.

So I got pissed off. And when I called him back, I asked him why it was SO important to bring this girl home. I even said to him, "She's a big girl...she can't make it on her own?" And the fucker hung up on me! 

Now he has turned off his phone.

This is not the first time this has happened. It seems that for Doug, his fuck buddies are much more important than seeing his child. Whom of which he only sees once a week. You would think that he would be an ADULT, and tell this dumb bitch that his son is expected to be coming over, and that he can't bring her home. 

UGHHHH!!! Not to mention, we're really struggling right now financially, and Doug was supposed to be giving us some food to last the week until my baby bonus comes in on Friday.

I guess that won't be happening now. This just goes to show that he doesn't give 2 shits about his kid. Sometimes I wonder if he ever did. I seriously contemplate whether or not he makes the effort to see Trystan once a week just so he doesn't look like a complete deadbeat. It's not like he pays child support. The bum isn't even working. He lives with mommy and daddy, and he's 28 years old getting his money from welfare.

What the fuck ever.

I am so sick of doing this every couple of months. I wish he'd just grow up and get his fucking priorities straight.

I am SOOOOOO mad right now...omg...I want to hit him.

Whatever. I guess I'll have to find someone else to help, since I can't rely on Doug to be a father to his son.


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previous entry: 2 days of challenge questions.

next entry: I really hate you right now...and I know you don't care. *edit*

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Damn i woukd be pissed too. He obviously isnt using his brain. I hope you find someone tn help you out.

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Random: I know how you feel. My sons father doesnt do crap for him but sees him maybe 2 times a week..if even that. Hes dating this girl with 3 kids and those kids ALWAYS come before his own son. I know its even gone to where they will throw birthday parties for the other kids and nothing for my son. The guys in his late 30s no job, dating someone with 3 kids..and then thinks hes the worldest greatest dad..its sicking. I have the same thoughts you do.I always wonder if the reason he even sees zachary(my son) is because that way he doesnt look like a total deadbeat to other people..Or if i would take him to court he could tell the judge "well i see him" He pays no CS whatsoever and hasnt for the last almost 4 years! It sucks but know your not alone I just hope one day Zachary sees how much I did for him and thinks im a wonderful person for it. These kids are smarter then we realize..They will know whos the deadbeat and who has actually loved them throughout their life! Hang in there girl!

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