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We Don't Have To Live This Way...
by minor_catastrophe

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Black Friday


Ended up not really doing anything for Black Friday. Not shopping at least. Me and mom were gonna go, but she didnt have any money, and after hours of shopping at 3 in the morning wasn't going to sit well with me during the 3 hour drive to my dad's starting at 8:30. Lol.

We got to my dad's and I'm just gonna say Christy's family drives me nuts. I don't really know why, but they do. Her sister, Sam, has like a 6 month old boy. Yes he's cute. Most babies are. But omg, I had to listen to everyone fight over him and talk to him in the most annoying baby talk ever. I do that sometimes, yes, but they did continuously for like an hour.

It was really weird being at that house though. My dad and uncles built that like 20 years ago, and my grandparents have been living there for as long as I can remember. But my dad and Christy got evicted and had to move in the basement. Long story short, Grandma didn't want anyone she didn't know there, including Briana's friends. That resulted in a fght and Grandma disappearing, staying with family, for almost a month. She ended up getting an apartment, and she's selling the house. Well, more on the next entry.

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next entry: .:122:. NoJoMo 27

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