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Live and let
by Suesan

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The farmer in the dell


Had a somewhat productive weekend. We did the work on the garden to get it ready, then we planted all kinds of veggies and flowers. Cucumbers, carrots, onions, collard greens, watermelon, potatatoes, peppers of various sorts, squash, and tomatoes. I love the results every year! Yumm! I don't know how I feel about openings of certain places here on May 1. I still probably will stay home quite a bit because I can not afford to catch the virus. I think that we are moving a little too quickly and only because people are bored and they are putting pressure onto the government. I understand the need to work, but that doesn't mean we need to open everything back up. I bet the rate of "virus victims" is going to rise. Well, I will not be one of those. I pray!  I hope you all have a good day!! :' 

Remember to smile!

previous entry: NO vacay here..

next entry: Yo you Muttha!

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Hi Susan [Childlike FaithStar] [reply]

Wish I could grow a garden but I have death hands lol

Parks and golf courses opened yesterday here. We have 20,000 cases between Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Miami and rising. It's ridiculous. [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]