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~Memoirs of a Bisexual~
by ~Memoirs~
I've had the same diary at bloop for years and years. But the time has come where I can't really say everything in my diary. Friends in real life read my diary and there are some things I don't want them to know. I also have some bloop friends who I don't trust with this information yet.

So this is my second diary. I only come to this diary when I have to vent about things I can't write about in my main diary. Most of it probably will be about girls since that's my biggest secret-my sexual orientation.

You aren't obligated to read me. If you are bothered by gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders... Then I suggest you don't read this diary because sometimes it might get graphic with my experiences.

All of the names I use in this diary are fake. The reason for that is if someone who reads my main diary ever comes across this, they won't be able to trace it back to me. I want to be able to express myself freely and that's why this diary is here.
8 entries
01/29/2009What Now?
01/11/2009New Start
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