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In the car
by masquerade

next entry: Tomorrow: More yelling & WTF

Hello Bloopies


Hello Bloopies

Long time no write. I have been updating on my website. So I just stop using bloop for a little while. Until now, I have look at this diary and trying to think what to do with this diary and what to say. So, I have decided to make this diary my driving diary because now I (have to) learn to drive. I have to tell you learning from my dad is a carnival ride of emotion. So if you came to get your bloop point, okay go ahead and leave a comment, but if you want. You can continue to read this entry.

Day 0: WTF!! A car!! What!!

Yesterday - Mom and Dad went to car dealership and found a car. My dad said, "It a 2005 Nissan Altima, it a good car, it a good price, it a car to drive." there it is he just said it. I barely have time to learn any thing else. I am already learning Technology and business law, which they are kicking my butt and I feel burn out. Also, on top of that I am pissed that they used my $1000 and (payments too) without asking me and pressure into getting the car that I am no ready to get. If I tell my parent straight out that I don't want a car then I would be living on the street. So after they F bought the car there missing thing and stuff too. I am shaking my head something I have can't say I told you so.

Day 1: I hate the car

Today - I just got my driving lesson with my dad. My dad did not tell me that we are going to learn to drive on the highway. I know I suck at driving and I am making wide turn on the corner, but the touch sensitive car accelerate like your going fast. My dad keep yelling and stating what I did wrong. I know that a lot thing wrong, but some thing like the touch sensitive car accelerate like your going fast. I am not used to the car. So all I ask is to not honk your horn if you need to go some where just go around and pass me. Because with my dad yelling and stating what I did wrong and driver honking at me, I will bust out crying. I am strong, but I am not that strong. Well I have to go to my class. If you guys have any word of advice for a learner to drive.

next entry: Tomorrow: More yelling & WTF

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Well having your first lesson on the highway sounds horrible! I would practice in neighborhoods first. When I was learning how to drive I got hung up over the fact that I was driving a big metal death machine and it made me too nervous. So I visualized my car as just a fancy golf cart and it helped take some of the pressure off for whatever reason haha. Also, don't take your dad's yelling personally. Some people forget to speak normally when they're nervous! Haha. Good luck!

[.Kismet.|0 likes] [|reply]

Wow maybe you should be learning in a parking lot and not on the freeway until you are comfortable with the car.

Maybe you can suggest that.

Good Luck

[stickbug7Star|0 likes] [|reply]

definitely parking lot or back road or neighborhood. Highway is dangerous if ur not comfy with driving.

[twistedlady|0 likes] [|reply]

Parents are usually the worst people to teach us how to drive

[just del|0 likes] [|reply]

hi, welcome back.

Your parents sound very controlling...not good.

The best thing for him to do, is not tell you what you are doing wrong but just tell you what to do right and without screaming.

"Parents just don't understand"

[A RedSox Fan|0 likes] [|reply]

next entry: Tomorrow: More yelling & WTF

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