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the life of mary contrary
by Mama Mary

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What do you do when so much evidence points to something, but the person is telling you its not true? And there's no way to prove it. If you believe them, but they are really lying, then they are keeping something from you that should prove that you shouldn't be in this relationship and you are made a fool. But if you don't believe them and are angry, but they really are telling the truth, and its just some big coincidence, then you are angry for no reason and push the other person away. So what do you do? If this is true... I don't know what ill do. This is a huge deal. But ill never know the truth

previous entry: afjdkls

next entry: 2nd one in five minutes

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I would say give him a little trust if he is saying that it isn't true, take his word for it but prepare yourself for the worst. But if too many coincidences come up all the time, then use your gut feeling on it too. Part of loving someone is giving them the chance to break your heart, but trusting them not too. =)

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I used to have problems just like this with my ex, and my mom used to tell me, "You don't have to have him admit it for you to know it to be true" and that if there is that much evidence pointing toward it being true, then it probably was true. You have to go with your gut. If your gut feeling is that it's true, then it's probably true.

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