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the world is over. xo.
by MamaBatty

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Today was suppose to be my day off. Jonny is gone to his bike race and Dean is over Grandmas for the night. I left he house at around 1230 and just got home at 730. I'm so tired. I had fun things planned. I had wanted to go out tonight to a show at Smalls with Nicole but I'm so exhausted from all the shit that happened this morning, I'm just done. I'm taking a shower and making mini donuts with Danie and then I'm done. I'm smoking my ganja and passing the heck out and the spirits better be quiet tonight while I'm home alone. I'm thinking Jonny will be home late though, don't think he's staying the night out here. Sadly.

He ruined Deans morning. He was in and out of the house, Dean just wanted to hang with him and be around him but Jonny was just getting irritated. Like, don't you think I get sick of it too and I have to deal with it 24/7. You're dealing with it for 20 mins. Then he get seven more pissy because of the money and bank situation. The fucking bitch, I want to go up there and get her ass fired for being such a rude ass. Took 100$ out of Jonnys paycheck even though they agreed that it would be every other week. I'm making his ass call corporate to report the bitch.

So, everyone was pissy and on an emotional rollercoaster all day. It's been effecting me all day. I've had a couple crying fits. I haven't slept yet. I cant wait too. Danie is taking damn forever. The fuckk. She's always on bitch time. Ughh. I guess Jonny is already on his way home. Great. Fucking great.

Hail Satan

previous entry: [001.] Friends Only.

next entry: [006.] Death took a day off.


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