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Adventures in Mommyland
by Renee&Everleighđź’ś

[01; New journal.]


Not too sure how I feel about being back here, but here I am.. got a lot of shit, and drama last time I was here... I was also a teenager and wanted babies sooo bad.

Well, now I have babies. I have two of them. A boy, who's almost 8, named Rylan - his Nana has full custody of him, and he lives 12 hours away from me..

I also have a little girl, her name is Everleigh & she's 2 years old. She's the apple of my eye. The baby I've raised from the start. I love her soo much,

I'm taken. By a wonderful man named Marcus, he's 43, and a hard worker & makes sure he takes care of me and my babies. <3

I think if I get drama and shit for being here this time, I'll make everything private and just write for myself.

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