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Keeping Track of It
by Lunarsea Loss
This is Lunar Sea, in her very own special place.

Basically, I've created this diary inspired by BOTTOM. I don't want a dieting diary, but I'm going to try and keep an eye on what I'm eating. Just to get an idea of whether I'm eating more or less than I ought to be.

Here's as good a place as any, really!

For anyone who cares, I'm around 5'3", and currently weigh about ten and a half stone. I'm a British size 10.

April 2009 I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland. I've just started on levothyroxine, 50mg a day.

Important points to mention!
- This is not a weight-loss diary. This is simply to record what I eat.
- I know I don't eat a balanced diet. For now, I just want to get an idea of how unbalanced it is, and then see if I can improve it.
- I know exercise is important alongside food intake. That's not what this diary is for.
3 entries
05/09/2009Friday 8th May
05/06/2009Tuesday 5th May
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