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Luigi's the name :)
by Luigi
I'm Laura, otherwise known as Luigi!

Plenty of things to tell really,
I am now in Year 11, studying. I'm very interested in music and mathematics, subjects I wish to carry on within my education.
I play piano, and I love to learn new songs!

I like pizza...but only from pizza hut. I also like KFC chicken
I eat pretty much anything to be honest with you...really, anything!
Except that pickled onion stuff and mushrooms bleh!

Anyway... I'm really really looking forward to my life, however long it is (hopefully a long time...until i'm wrinkly like a raisin )
Everything is going to be so exciting!

This year will be stressful with exams and such...but overall, it'll be the best year of my life.

I haven't been on Bloop Diary for years, I had a diary which I updated daily.
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