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by LuckyRose

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Stuff About ME


Here is a survey so that you all can get to know a little about me, or copy it and put your own answers for a little fun!
nickname: Wednesday

birthday: Yup, love 'um


weight: Heavy

hair: naturally brunette, but I like red or blue. Not at the same time.

eyes: 2 blue eyes

any piercings?: 2 in each ear

tattoos?: 5 tattoos, butterfly, lighthouse, sacred heart with wings, buddah, sparrow

any siblings?: 2 half sisters, so I guess one full sister

what do you like to wear?: Clothes. Never tried anything else.


book?: A Seperate Reality by Carlos Castaneda

color?: secondary colors

movie?: The Labrinyth, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

celebrity?: Jack Black, Jake Gellenhall

place?: My mind!! also, the beach. any beach.

food?: CHEESE!


alcoholic drink?: Margarita

non-alcoholic drink?: Coffee/ tea

day of the week?: Wednesday

number?: 16

month?: August

city?: Las Vegas

country?: Don't know yet.

animal?: owl

time of the day?: 4:20

smell?: black current with vanilla

tv channel?: History, Discovery

song at the moment?: Set Fire To The Rain by Adele

friend? Manda, Justin (hubby)


place to be?: Camden, New Jersey

time of the day?: 6 a.m.

day of the week?: Monday

song?: anything by Ke$ha

music type?: Techno, Opra

animal to you?: snake

drink?: poison

food?: McDonalds

*have u ever...*

been so drunk that you cant remember?: Nope

cheated: I drunkenly kissed a friend, then burst into tears and told my boyfriend all about it. He forgave me.

been cheated on?: yes, by the guy mentioned above

been in love?: still am

been on TV?: Not yet!

stolen anything?: Nail polish from Wal mart like, 15 yrs ago!

been on stage?: the world is a stage!....but yes

passed out?: yup

had a surgery?: No

broke the law intentionally?: All the time

had a friend pass away?: R.I.P A.J.

been lied to? All the time

been dumped?: yes

*do you...*

do drugs? Nope

get drunk? very rarely

dance? on the rare occasion that i am drunk...

party? sometimes, not much

sing? Yes, but only when I'm alone

play an instrument? No

get along with your parents? Never had parents

think you are attractive?: yes in most ways

swear? Like a sailor, unless it isn't appropriate, like at work

smoke? yes

get motion sickness? No

wear contacts/glasses? No, but I need reading glasses soon

get good marks? I tested well but that was it

watch cartoons? All the time

drink milk :3 ? I LOVE milk!

write poems/stories?: YES

take a particular medicine?: yes

have a pet? Not at the moment

are you allergic to something? Pollen

google a lot?: Yes

have fights?: Not really

read magazines? I love to read anything

read comics? I will read them, not a HUGE fan though

how many hours do you sleep? 5-6

how frequently do you go to hairdresser?: Ive cut my own hair for 15 years

get along with your teachers?: I did


What's your preferred genre of music? Classic Rock

All-time favorite band/artist? Sublime

All-time favorite song?: While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles

How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have?: I don't even know...A LOT

What's your favorite radio station? 100.7 Southern NJ station

rock? Led Zepplin

blues/jazz? Billie Holiday

classical?: Beethoven

rap?: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg

pop?:Regina Spektor

country?: Garth Brooks

heavy metal?: AC/DC

techno?: YUCK.

reggae?: Bob Marley

r&b?: Boyz II Men


time you cried?: Last week

movie you watched?: Precious (and WOW what a messed up movie but its a great film)

person you talked on the phone?: My husband

cigarette?: Currently enjoying

song played?: Swallowed by Bush

thing you ate?: A salad, chicken and noodles

time you took a bubble bath?: 5 yrs ago

time you got drunk?: 2 yrs ago

time you read a book?: right before I started this survey

email you get?: SPAM

person you got a fight?: Uh...13 yrs ago?

time you hugged someone?: About 3 hrs ago

time you kissed someone?: about 3 hrs ago

time you met someone new? a week ago

time you went for a date?: 5 yrs ago

*do you believe in...*

God? Sort of. It's an entry of it's own.

religions? No

aliens?: Maybe

ghosts?: no

afterlife? yes

yourself? Most of the time

astrology? Yes

karma? YES

magic? no

*in a girl/boy*

hair: yes

eyes: green

hobbies: whatever

style of clothing: dont care

kiss on first date? Depends...

love at first sight? Yes


who do you wanna slap? Heather

who do you wanna kill? The TV hahaha

your dream: To own a tattoo shop

do you want to get married?: Already am

love? Yes please

i wanna be: a tattoo artist, a good wife and mother

all you need is: LOVE! And pudding.

describe yourself with 3 words: independent, talented, funny

what is your worst characteristic?: Letting people take advantage of me

what are your fears?: spiders

what is your weakness?: Art supplies

favorite quote? "I'm way to baked to drive to the Devil's house!"

cartman or kenny?: Kenny

last shoes you wore?: cheap pair of white sneakers that I have drawn on w sharpie

what is your aim for this year? To get my tattooing apprenticship back

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