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by LuckyRose

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Ok, so I'm not good with the technical stuff. I wanted to decorate my page. Make it pretty for you. But honestly, it wouldn't really be for me, it would be for the reader. Not that I don't care about any of you. I don't even know you. I'm just lazy sometimes. I'm not lazy at my job. I'm not a lazy mother. I'm just a lazy computer user. I'm lazy about getting all fancy for no reason. I don't even wear make-up unless there is a special occasion. If you can't accept that, then too bad. I have no one to impress. My husband somehow thinks I look good (atleast that's what he tells me) and my kid thinks I'm a great Mom. besides that, I don't care what anyone thinks. I have spent my whole life holding back because I lacked the proper confidance to be myself. I'm over weight and I still dress like I did in highschool. Tshirts and ratty jeans. I'm too poor to afford self maintanance and because of that I also have the same hair cut as highschool because I cut my own hair. I don't need to have my nails done because I am permanantly missing a fingernail. I don't understand the point, really. I enjoy who I am now, not because of what I look like or how I decorate my page. I love me for my imagination, the ability to always get out of a bad situation, and my savvy survival skills. I am a good friend and wife. I am loyal. I am a little crazy sometimes, but who isn't, really? So I don't care if you judge me. You would be missing out on a good person. Although you might not know it by looking at me.

Here is a poem I wrote in school, 13 years ago.
Dirty promises you follow on your own accord,
buy the pretty shoes, the ones you know you can't afford.
Everyone is smiling, empty eyed grin;
this is where your popularity begins.
Try to look through a tinted glass window.
Not your true color, but here is where everything's a show.
Blink your pretty eyes, no one really cares,
play the game, pay the price, nothing in your life was fair.
Drugged up to your eyeballs, falling on the floor;
more scars inside than you ever had before.
Face doesn't look it, but your mind's a mess,
can't put a crease in your new party dress.
You are everything false in this natural world,
with your perfect teeth, eye lashes curled.
One day when people turn thier backs,
it's all for nothing, said the looking glass.
Pretty pink, a touch of lace,
no more smile on your pretty face.
Death has come to claim its prize.
The girl who had the pretty eyes.

Hope you enjoy that! Have a great day everyone.

previous entry: test failed

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