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by LuckyRose

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Only burnt on 1 side


My life can be so boring sometimes. I like reading other peoples diaries. Sometimes even more than writing something. I also like commenting on them. I'm not a nosey person. I don't read tabloids or even involve myself in conversation with many strangers. I guess I like trying to be helpful to others, without the physicalities of it. I can sit right here on my ass and say things like "Hang in there!" or "Good luck with that!". Sometimes it makes me feel a little disconnected from actual events. Not that your lives aren't "actual". I know a lot of you are going through rough times. Unless you are rich, I really don't see any times that aren't rough for anyone. My life really sucks at times. And I'm not saying I don't appreciate anything in my life. Yes, I am grateful for life and the lives of my loved ones. But shit can certainly suck balls. I love when I open my page and see a comment or message. I think this "secretive" community is ingenious. I love the idea of- I have know idea who you are and I will probably never meet you but let me tell you my life story and you tell me yours and we will encourage each other to get through these stessful moments together. With our masks on. Hiding behind our pretty layouts and comic sans. I love the mystery. Thank you all for the magic of knowing only what you want me to know. The art of the vent. The pycho rants that I can totally relate to. The happy moments that make me want to hug a complete stranger.

I also have no idea how to use the spell check. That is not a joke.

previous entry: Scrub a Dub

next entry: Lines in the sand

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i share that feeling. this is a nice entry. and dont worry about spellcheck! it was well-done

[shiloh.xo|0 likes] [|reply]

Thank you! bloomed from observations out of my love to read and my dislike of typing. lol

[LuckyRose|0 likes] [|reply]

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