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by LuckyRose

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Love or Career


I saw the bloop poll and I instantly felt uncomfortable. I was afraid to vote because I didn't know the answer. I already have the love part. But I am still working in hopes of a career. It's exhausting. I know that eventually I will have to give up my career. It makes me feel guilty. Guilty that I still want to be the one out working and making lots of money. I love my family. We created something special. I love being with my child and my husband. He has a great job at a local brewery that has become famous from a TV show called Brew Masters. Even though we don't have a lot of money right now, I could eventually stay home with Roz and have another child (which my husband talks about excitedly, as he wants a boy...typical lol). Right before I found out that I was pregnant, I started pursuing a tattooing career. I have been an artist my whole life and when I picked up a machine for the first time, it was magic. I LOVE it. It is a passion. But to be a tattoo apprentice, you must work for FREE and so you must also maintain another job also just to pay your bills in the mean time. This takes up a lot of your time. Also I spend time tattooing friends and family members. I can NOT do any of that if I get pregnant again or take care of my child. I dropped my apprenticship last year and I work part time right now. I still paint, but I can't sculpt because of my rare hand eczema condition. My hands are messed up anyway and I probably shouldn't have them in gloves for so long so I think I might have to hang up my machines. I looked at that poll and I wanted to choose "career" for a split second. Does that make me a bad person?

previous entry: The man I called Dad

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I don't think that of. makes you a bad person at all. I believe it was President Lincoln that said "Whatever you are, be a good one" Our careers make us who we are. You obviously have a deep passion for visual arts, which I think is awesome. I can barely draw a stick figure! HA!!

Anyway, thank you for all of your recent comments! I like making Jew friends. I hope you figure out how to add me as a fave! I k.ow a few weeks ago I went to add a new favorite and I couldn't find the link. So I clicked "New Layout" at the top rightish part of the page, and the old menu came back up to the right, that had "add to faves" on it. I will add you to mine!

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Thank you very much Rose! I've always been shy, it is a problem, and I guess that's an issue I need to get to dealing with.

And my ex isn't bringing me down as such, I just wonder if she's the reason I feel so down about myself all the time because of how she treated me. I'll be able to come to terms with my problems eventually, and comments like this will help me to do so. Thanks again Rose, you seem like an awesome person too!

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