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by LuckyRose

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Government Cheese Doodles


I have struggled my whole life. I never went to college or even graduated high school. Not that I really mind that things have been tough. It has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. Sometimes people like me suck it up and get help from the government in the way of food stamps. I am a hard worker and I do have a job, so I really don't feel that I am taking anything for nothing. When it comes to food stamps, the value lies in being able to provide nutrition to my family. I work at a small store that sells some grocery items, but mostly junk food. We except food stamps. Most of the people that shop there, buy nothing but junk with their food stamp cards. It makes me sick to my stomach. If you are so poor that you need government assistance, why are you living off of Cheetos and Mountain Dew? Oh, don't worry, they have medicaid so that when they are hospitalized from diabetes or a heart attack, the government will pay for that too. When I go shopping, I get the basics like bread and milk, juice, eggs...I manage to make healthy meals out of the stuff I buy. Vegetables, fruit...I really do think that you should not be allowed to buy energy drinks with food stamps. They want to start drug testing people that recieve government benefits. As a responsible shopper and a good parent, I have to say that I MOSTLY agree with that. I see lots of druggies with a food stamp card. But if they were to drug test me, they would find some pot. I do NOT spend all of my money on pot. I use it for back pain and nausea medication. My benefits would be taken away from me. If these other people stopped spending all of thier money on drugs, and all of the governments money on cheese doodles, I wouldn't have this problem.

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random comment: i am exactly like you. i receive food stamps for my son and i, though i wouldn't pass a drug screening either. i smoke pot because it helps my mental health...but it's not like i'm using my assistance for anything but feeding my child and myself, doesn't make us bad people...

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Food stamp person right here. I would pass a drug test, as long as they weren't testing from 5 years ago. I use to work at the grocery store and wonder how the hell these people thought it was ok to buy some of the things they did with their FS. I remember seeing people come in buying lobster and crab legs with FS and wearing very exspensive clothes. They probably were drug dealers that didn't need FS but went though the goverment anyways so they would spend their money on other things like their exspensive clothes and fancy cars. Made me sick. I shop at a small grocery store that accepts FS and sells mostly healthy foods. Also have a 2 year old, I want him eatting healthy instead of being overweight and unhealthy later in life.

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