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by LuckyRose

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Days Go By


I haven't dissapeared. I have only proven that life goes on with or without you. I have been writing, painting, pumpkin carving, tattooing, being a mom and wife, throwing parties for friends, going to weddings.... Yeah so I haven't had time to write down any of that before. I miss my Bloop. I need to unload! I went to a lovely wedding yesterday. My best friend's dad married a good friend/ex co worker of mine. It felt good knowing most of the people there and helping clean up when it was over. They seem to be very happy and I really wish them the best. Last week, I threw a birthday party for another friend. It probably would have been more fun if people actually came, but hey, everyone is busy this time of year. I took third place in a pumpkin carving contest for my husband's job. It took me 4 hours to carve it but it did come out nice. I did an awesome tiki mask face with flames around it. My daughter has a cold, which means that soon enough I will have a cold also. Probably right when she is feeling like a million bucks and loves to jump all over me. I gave my husband a blow job and told him that I wanted to because he washed the dishes and he looks so sexy when he washes the dishes. So I woke up this morning and he was cleaning the house. Hmm, positive reinforcement really works ladies. I still need a car. I am not only going stir crazy, I am tired of carrying all the groceries home. I haven't collected food stamps or government assistance for quite some time, but I can see now why we needed it in the first place. I am busy, but I think that is when I am the happiest. I hope that I can free up some more time for bloop, but with the holidays looming, I doubt I can even look at it until January.The carving contest sounds fun, but I broke my camera, so no more pictures for me to post. I still haven't quit smoking. Not yet. We have a turtle now. His name is Luigi. When I tell people that, they say "what kind of turtle?" He is painted turtle, I tell them. :O "Oh, you shouldn't paint them!" They tell me. I try not to laugh. I am going as an Oompa Loompa this year. I can't have a costume if it's not funny or goofy. I hate slutty costumes. My daughter wants to be a spider which I am making for her. Last year I blew 60 bucks on her costume because it was a licensed character... well forget that! I spent 10 bucks and she is going to be the cutest damn spider I have ever seen. I have to go do a thousand more things, so have a great couple of months and happy holidays!

previous entry: The Best Fest

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There is no such thing as a "cute" spider. Just so you know. Baha.

Glad to get an update! Send us more when you can... we understand how busy life can be!

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