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by LuckyRose

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break from the vacation


I have taken a short vacation from writing things on here for the sake of my book. I am now taking a short break from THAT, to resume normal functioning life...if you can really call it that. My job has gotten ridiculous lately and I have only been working 12 hours a week. They wont give us any hours and honestly, it seems they might be closing the store and not wanting us to know. I am suspicious of that, anyway.
I still have no working transportation. It is a hassle to grocery shop with no car. Not like I have money for grocery shopping. I have not received foodstamps in 2 months. I don't eat much. I have currently not quit smoking, although I have cut down signifigantly. It still costs a small fortune.
I have applied at a few places within walking distance and hopefully I will once again have 2 jobs. The breakout on my hands is rampent. I am trying to come to the realization that I can never work with clay again, but the thought makes me want to cry. My jewelery never sold online, and I can't sell them anywhere in town anyway. I give it away to my close friends sometimes because it costs my hands dearly to make it.
Still don't really have friends in this town and it will be going on our 3rd year of living here. I don't know why. I talk to people. I can't really afford friends.
My birthday will be here in less than two weeks. I don't care. Well, maybe I do. I have had one good birthday my whole life. But I guess that's enough. I cherish that. Some people have none. I guess getting older makes me sad because I always ask myself if I did enough. Feels like I am always wasting time. I probably am.
I try to go on a daily walk (because I'm fat) and have recently tried Yoga Pilates. It's pretty great but I only have time to do it twice a week. I guess that's a start but I want to do it more. I have always been heavy, even though I used to like sports and played Softball and volleyball for many years. I am flexible and pretty agile, but I never got any smaller than 170 (right before I got pregnant, go figure). I can probably blame it on my love of cheese and bread. And cheesy bread. Mmmm... oh. Sorry.
My house is a total wreck. I'm probably not going to clean it soon.

previous entry: Funnel Cake Time!

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Don't forget the bacon! Cheesy, Bacon, bread. My downfall.

Anyway, I'm sorry about the job situation. It is really shitty of them to not share with you if they are closing or not. I'm sending positive vibes your way in the hopes that you will find a second job!

How is the book coming along?

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