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by LuckyRose

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I've had friends. I had THE friend. Let's call her Pandi M. Ok so went went WAY back. All the way back to 6th grade. One akward bus ride home from school, her twin sister Yen had to sit next to me. For some reason, people didn't like the new kid. They wouldn't sit next to me on the bus. How we even became such good friends is actually quite a mystery to me, still. They went to church every weekend and I would go with them so that I could sleep over. I didn't like to be home for reasons to later write about. She was the Jesus loving cheerleader type, all apple pie and lipgloss. Most people would think that there was no way we could be friends. That we were just too different. As Felix and Oscaresque as we were, we did everything together. EVERYTHING. As much as she loved the J-Man, she hung out with Me, the SINNER. Life was grand! I thought she loved me for who I was and after all, Jesus teaches you not to judge, right? Well instead of letting God sort me out, she decided to call me a loser and a pothead. My life wasn't going anywhere and that I need to get my shit together. I had 2 full time jobs at the time. I couldn't believe it. We grew apart. I cried a lot. I couldn't understand she was being so mean. She couldn't understand why I didn't have a car. We stayed in touch. Sort of. Everyone knows that if you have a person on Facebook and you hardly speak to them, you are really not friends. So, yeah...we kept in touch. Years later, she made a comment about how she is SO sad because she doesn't have any friends. I deleted her. Good bye, Pandi M. The good times....the golden times. The time of un-childhood. The flower unfolding. I wrote in her yearbook and everything.

previous entry: You R My Jordan Catalano

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If she was saying things like that about you in the first place, then she wasn't really your friend in the first place. You're definitely better off without her negative energy in your life.

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I agree with the above commenter

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