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In Search of Inspiration...
by Artistic Muse

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something about a platypus, sugar pickles, and Mary Poppins...


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So, while at Edward's house, I guess I have a tendency to sleeptalk. At some point during my sleep, before Edward fell asleep, I began to talk. One of the conversations (that Edward told me about later) went along these lines.

me: *mumble mumble* ...the platypus...
Edward: What?
me: the platypus...
Edward: What about the platypus?
me: *mumble* I think he's angry
Edward: Why?
me: *mumble mumble*

At some point i also said something about sugar pickles while trying to eat my hand. Also said something about Mary Poppins...but don't remember what Edward said lol.

Anywhos, I've been having trouble getting pictures of my art up, I may put up the link to my deviant art link as soon as i get that figured out lol. anywhos, if anyone has any ideas for an altered book or any paintings, please let me know! i would love some new, fresh ideas!! Also, if someone could help me out with posting pictures up on here, please let me know.

previous entry: Happy New Year

next entry: Time is slipping through my fingers

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you should record yourself while sleeping. then you can analyze your words.
See if they coinside with any dream you had the previous night

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