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In Search of Inspiration...
by Artistic Muse

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She's gone...



Time: 9:38 pm
Wearing: jeans and sweater
Eating: oreo cream pie (barely)
Mood:crushed, depressed

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Agatha Christine

This is probably the hardest entry for me to write. For the past 5 days or so, my cat Agatha has been fighting a losing fight with kidney disease that struck out of nowhere. It went from not eating or drink much and being a little more lazy, to not eating or drinking at all and barely moving around, to having to be force fed (with food smeared on her face so she would lick it off) and water with a syringe. Last night she barely moved a foot, and kept pushing my mom's hand away when my mom tried to giver her water. This morning she wouldn't even lift her head to acknoledge anything, even during the morning routine where she would rub against my dad's shoe horn. mom and dad called me early this morning, around 7 or so saying that they were going to put agatha to sleep because she was so listless and wouldn't respond to anything. They scheduled to go to the vet this afternoon around 1:30-2 to put her down. When I called around 1 or so, dad told me that she passed away at home at around 10 am or so, laying where she was this morning when i heard her meow on the phone. She got to pass away peacefully and quietly, in her home rather than a strange place. She lived a long and happy 14 years surrounded by a loving family who did everything they could for her.
It's hard to believe that she is gone, when i just saw her a couple weeks ago, completely healthy and as playful as she was in her old age. dad picked out a memorial stone for her to put in the yard. they took her body to the vet to be buried since it's illegal in my county to bury pets in the backyard. my younger cat (about 2 years old), Mau, has been so lost today. when my parents got back home from the vet, he kept walking around like he was looking for her and looking out the window, waiting for her to come back home. He won't sit or lay down in her usual spots, thinking she's going to come back down the stairs and make him move. She was a faithful and loving companion and friend, even if she didn't like to be held or petted much, but she was an amazing friend when i needed someone to talk to (and believe me, she "talked" right back...the vet said she was the most talkative cat he's ever met)
I've been crying since 7 or so when i first heard the news, and only stopped for about 3 hours all day (aside from an hour nap). I just can't believe she's gone...

Below are just some pictures of my Agatha Christine, my furry friend, my baby...

previous entry: just to keep things updated i guess

next entry: well, it's been a while

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*hug* makes me want to cry

[A RedSox Fan|0 likes] [|reply]

Oh hon. I'm sorry.

[Tam I AmStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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