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In Search of Inspiration...
by Artistic Muse

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Christmastime in the city



Hello fellow bloops, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, whether you celebrate or not. After a long and exciting day, I finally get a chance to curl up with my laptop and relax for a few before bed. It was a smaller Christmas this year, due to my dad's layoff and only working a couple days a week at a different store so the drop in income has made it smaller gift wise, but to be honest, it doesn't bother me a bit. I got to spend all day with my parents talking, watching movies, playing around with the cats and enjoying the holiday. It's good to be home after not being here since September, and not seeing everyone since early October or so. I only asked for one thing, a GPS since i get lost like none other, even with maps and directions printed, i needed something to tell me "turn NOW" lol. My parents agreed after recieving phone calls from me that start out as "Mom, I'm lost, where do i go from here?" whenever i try to come home or go to someplace out of town that they have been several times. so, i got the main gift i asked for, plus some awesome pasta cooking pots that have lock on lids with strainers in it to make straining pasta easy (and being a vegetarian, i eat a LOT of pasta). lol i know i'm getting older when i get really really excited over cooking pots lol. Since i didn't have a lot of money this year, i made most of my gifts to everyone. My dad got a painting i did early in the semester, and also some hippie looking beanie babies i got for 3 bucks each, one i handsewed bellbottom jeans and love beads for. he loved it! mom got a sweater i got at work (50% employee discount! hell yea!) and my brother got a Colts street sign looking thing with his names on it i had made for about $3, and a free poster lol. a lot of my friends are getting hot chocolate and mugs, or something i handmade. one of my friends is getting a sterling silver and garnet ring she requested i make early in the semester since i took jewelry class, so that i made that for her I shall get pics up of the artwork i made soon (as soon as i figure out how. If anyone can help me with that, that would be awesome). I got to see my brother, his girlfriend, and their puppy today too. we handmade pizzas for dinner and watched a movie, opened our small amount fo gifts around the fireplace and had a good time. I feel blessed to have the chance to be with my family this Christmas, and my heart goes out to those who could not be with family or who do not have a family to spend the holiday with. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, going to my brother's jiffy lube to get my headlights cleaned out and then going to go see my boyfriend Edward for a couple of days, then come back home (with him in tow, not leaving him behind). Our friends Kait and Nate will be joining us on Jan 3rd before Edward has to leave for England, and have a full day of talking and playing around. So excited! Anywhos, I'm rambling, which means i'm getting very tired. Good night everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!


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