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Who I Am...
by LostInMyOwnMind

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Please say a little prayer.....


~*~ Possiblity's abound ~*~
So, please say a little prayer for me this weekend. I currently am working 45 minutes away from home, making much less then I should for a supervisor position... 

I had a job interview this morning, about a hour ago now... and they are only 5 minutes away from home, as well as they offer way more then the company Im working for now. Plus full benefits, 401K... all of it....

I need this job, guys. Being a single mom... I need this. It would be closer in case my son gets sick... it would be closer in the event of a snow storm... all of it. 

Please, just say a prayer. I need this. So badly I do....


previous entry: Um. Yeah. Hai.

next entry: Ranting

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