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-LOKI's Diary
by -LOKI

* Oh, wow . . .


Elden Ring GIF
How many years has it been, yo?
Decided to go down the nostalgia road and came across my old diaries!
Sometimes, I really miss Bloopin' . . .
Alas, there would be too much to update on. Life is pretty good.
Visited USA for the first time in 2022 and it was epic.
Made another trip to Iceland, too. 
Finally got to see Nightwish in concert and it was bliss!
We saw them perform in Dublin, Ireland.
2023 is proving to be rather relaxed so far.
Just been going to the theatre (musicals, operas, etc.) a lot.
Hibernating from the cold weather by gaming.
Still playing SWTOR, of course.
Currently obsessing over Elden Ring & Hogwarts Legacy.
More travel plans this year. . .
I hope everyone is doing well!

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