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-LOKI's Diary
by -LOKI

* It's Snowing!


2021 hasn't been too terrible so far. This month has been pretty relaxing.
I've been making the most of this lockdown that we're in and to be honest, I'm enjoying having to stay in. It's pretty cold and miserable outside (except it's SNOWING right now and it's so so pretty to look at from the window) so it's the best type of situation to be wrapped up warm in our comfy home.
I'm trying to venture out a little bit with my partner for a walk and some fresh air but I don't feel comfy going outside during this pandemic too much. Thankfully our house has a garden.
My partner and I love to game and we still play that MMO (SWTOR). We're always leading events for a huge guild that we're in and it's always fun socializing with other players we've become acquainted with over the last several years.
I've been discovering new games on Steam and that is a very fun hobby.
It's great being acquainted with so many people that share similar interests and a joy for Star Wars and gaming, so that's my happy place.
I've been having the urge to write lately. I can never seem to keep up with it but hopefully when the mood strikes, I can write what's on my mind. Currently, what's on my mind is that I'm pretty sleepy and I should probably take a nap.
Really hope it continues to snow here! It's ridiculously pretty to look at!

The GIF in this entry is one I made from SWTOR. I thought it was very pretty scenery.

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