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-Lect-'s Diary
by -Lect-

Work is fun...Not


I decided to use this as a catch all for the craziness that happens once in a while at my job. I'm currently working from home and have been since early march since the whole COVID-19 thing started to become more serious. Usually I work in an office at a call center. I answer phones for a pharmacy benefit manager company. It's a decent job, I don't mind it most of the time but sometimes people, as always, can get a little rude. And even though I try my best to be friendly even when they aren't, it is sometimes difficult to not let it affect your mood.


Yesterday for example. I was in a good mood. Better mood than I have been in for a while. That last just over half the day when I got a call from a gentlemen. First thing he said: "I just got hung up on so thank you for that". I was like I'm sorry to hear that but I can help you. He didn't have any of his identification information so I had to ask for his name and date of birth, which he sarcastically gave me. Was that really necessary? I can't help without the information and I'm certainly not a mind reader. If I was then I would be in the wrong profession. So as I'm waiting for all the information to pull up I decided to apologize to him about him being disconnected previously and explained that we have been having issues with calls dropping so I don't think he was actually hung up on. I thought maybe this would help calm him down. WRONG. He started saying that he wasn't interested in talking to me, he just wanted to provide me with the phone number to his doctors office since we wouldn't accept the fax number from him. (Due to HIPAA, we are protecting your privacy dude...) He said if I can't help him then he wants to speak to a supervisor (he had already spoke to one earlier and bitched about the previous agent who was following HIPAA by not accepting the fax number) But he had to call back to give us the correct phone number for the doctors office. At this point I go silent. Any energy I had trying to be nice to this guy was draining away. So I just asked the necessary questions. What the phone number was, name of the doctor, what I need to call them for, etc. My voice was probably monotone at this point. I was still polite, told him to have a good day at the end of the call and then hung up. 


I try not to take it personal. But I am not the bad guy. I am here to help. I do not deserve to be treated like that and it pisses me off. It took me a bit to get out of the hole that I had fallen into after that phone call. I managed to salvage most of my previous good mood, thankfully. Overall the day wasn't too bad yesterday and that was the only difficult phone call. I had a couple minor annoyances but for the most part the people I spoke to were all pretty nice. 


Today has been okay so far in the first 2 hours of my shift. I'm really freaking tired though so I'm hoping I can eventually wake up. I have a week and a half of work to go before I have a week vacation. I'm excited since I get to drive home to visit my parents. I haven't been home in a year. Something to look forward to that has been helping me get through these last few weeks. 


My mood has been atrocious these past few weeks. I'd feel fine but the tiniest thing would cause me to have anxiety and want to cry or punch something. Most of it revolved around -HIM-. We will call him K. My feelings have gotten pretty strong towards him and there are days I feel like he is aware of my feelings and there was one day where I felt like he was finally actually flirting with me and wanted me to say that I liked him. The problem is we have known each other for like 8 years. We meant on World of Warcraft. He lives in Canada, I live in Wisconsin. He just recently got divorced Fall of 2019. We are pretty close, have been spending a lot of time talking outside of game and hanging out in game. Our friends online pretty much know that we come as a pair if we are both online. But lately...I get so easily upset when I don't hear from him or get to hang out with him. So...I decided last night that for this week I am backing off. We were talking yesterday but then he had to go back to work (I'm assuming because he quit talking and then didn't get online until very late). But we never talked last night and he didn't read my message. I wanted so badly I say something but instead I let it go. I played my Sims and then went to bed. 


I still sent him my daily snap pic today. He replied to it and we have been chatting a bit while he is at work. But I let him start the convo. He asked if I was feeling better and if I got any sleep. I know he does care about it in some way. He has said as much. But any more than that I don't know. I feel continue the convo as long as he does. Once he says something that I can't continue the convo with, I'll leave it up to him to talk. The goal is for him to come to me if he wants to talk or hang out. I can't always be the one reaching out because it's starting to really get to me when it seems like he doesn't want to talk or hang out (even if in the back of my head logic is telling me that isn't the case). 


I think I've babbled enough for today. It helped pass the time at work. Now I guess I'll go back to play Sims 4 in between phone calls. Oh the luxury of working from home...haha

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