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Oh what Occurin??
by ~Kimi~

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our weekend


your weekend
Soo we have been up to soo much this weekend,
on Friday we went to bewilderwood, with Hayley Justin Jade Dean Jed Clair and Bailey. sooo much fun. i was soo dirty when i got back, just completely covered in mud! had so much fun tho, pretty sure the photos explain that, on facebook.

Saturday lindy was round at he crack of dawn, so we had a little trip to tesco and then new look. that cost some! lol
we then all went to the park in ob. and was lovely. soooo warm and the kids got to run about and have fun! (im including becky in 'the kids') we then went to a bbq at my god childrens house and it was really lovely to see them,
Sunday me and Faith went to my Aunts where we had an egg hunt for Faith and then off to Baileys party.
i then went to the Dutchmans where i saw everyone, if they werernt there when i got there they turned up. was great!

thats about all! 25 days till my birthday!!!! xx


previous entry: birthday session

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Sounds like you have been upto lots! Yay for 25 days till your birthday! Oscars today! Can't see your pics though as I'm not on your facebook for some reason. Booooooo!!!!!!

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