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Oh what Occurin??
by ~Kimi~

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So lets see not got too much to tell you.
spend lots of time with my wonerful friends. and went to latitude at the weekend, had so much fun but have need been so rained on before.
Ed Sheeran was awesome as was paulo nutini (sp) and so was Alan Carr.
low points had to be the rain i have never been soo soaked before, got my frienda t shirt he asked for and it was so wet my bag leaked onto it, how shocking is that.
also sat round a friends camp fire on the saturday that was oddly warm and cold at the same time and completely smelt of smoke when i got home,
thats pretty much all i have to tell you,
Faith also now has a big girls bed, which touch wood shes stayed in, xx


previous entry: been up to

next entry: back down south

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I am very jealous that you got to go to latitude! Although not so jealous of the drenching you got, nasty weather.

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